Good-bye Bill O'Reilly
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2017-04-19 20:04:16 UTC
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Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
Ms Kitty, DoW #6
2017-04-29 18:29:44 UTC
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Post by Marcus
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
Yeah, I called allstate and told them as a long standing customer for over
20 years, that I was pulling all of my accounts with them.

Then I thanked allstate, because Bill O'Reilly not only got his new contract
of $20 million for doing absolutely nothing. And then he got an extra $5
million, for allstate's effort. $25 million for Bill O'reilly.

Losing their businesses the ones that protested. LOL

Liberals are such retards. smh
Nomen Nescio
2017-04-30 06:12:35 UTC
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Looks like Nellie is trying to pass himself off as a woman. It
might work, since he can't pass himself off as a man.

Butt-boy Neal....seeeeeweeeeeee...
That's the sound Nellie makes when Caputo shoves it in his ass.


Neal is still shilling for Caputo.. a corrupt little shit in his
own right.

Lloyd is still fucking Neal in the ass.

You know he likes your dick! Notice how he responds when dildos are

Feel free to get in touch. If you want more information about him,
just let me know!

Neal D. Warren/Wilbur Hubbard/Gregory Hall
PO Box 1015
Tavernier, FL 33070
305 304-7546